About Us


GULFX, a company of mega proportions in manufacturing and marketing of high quality brand of Detergents and cleaning chemicals, has been creating ripples in its field within a short period of its launching in Gulf in the year 2005. Gulfx covers the service area of Automotive Industrial, Institutional Laundry, and homecare chemicals. The Indian operations started in the year 2015.

GULFX products meet ISI standard formulations and certified by CTAL (Chemical Testing and Analytical Laboratory, Govt. of Tamil Nadu) and manufactured under the direct supervision of skilled engineers/chemists.

GULFX detergents and chemicals are manufactured at their fully automated blending and processing unit in Tamil Nadu and marketed in south Indian states. All its activities, present & future, will be marked by its high degree of professionalism. The Company will always be coming up with modern ideas and high quality products, giving the best customer satisfaction with full devotion and dedication.

The company can offer its clients not just high quality products but competitive pricing, before and after sales services from our well trained, qualified technical staff and sales personal. Truly Gulfx deserves its distinction not just as an upcoming brand but also as a specialist for your entire cleaning needs.


GULFX Value the importance of cleanness and hygiene life. Hygiene in home and everyday life settings plays an important part in preventing spread of infectious diseases. It includes procedures used in a variety of domestic situations such as hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, food and water hygiene, general home hygiene (hygiene of environmental sites and surfaces), care of domestic animals, and home healthcare (the care of those who are at greater risk of infection).

Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons; personal, social, health, psychological or simply as a way of life. Keeping a good standard of hygiene helps to prevent the development and spread of infections, illnesses and bad odors. Most people are very conscious of personal hygiene because: We're taught of the importance of hygiene from an early age.

GULFX product portfolio covers the entire segment of cleaning from home care, industrial, institutional and laundry chemicals. Hence, we proudly say GULFX has a ‘Complete Cleaning Solution’ for every day human life.

GULFX has a very strong base in gulf, especially in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and have number of associated companies in various segments.

GULFX invites the interested parties/business groups to share the opportunity of business with GULFX by joining our dealers and distributors network across the country and globe. Those who are interested may forward their detail bi-date to our e-mail: